Don’t level out.

Levelling up is a process of change. It’s about trying, adjusting, measuring, cutting back, building on - and then stepping back to see what fits and what doesn’t.

Without this process, we will never break through to new levels. We will simply level out and hit a plateau in our business.

We don’t want that. We want to see small-businesses, the life and breath of our economy, levelling up and succeeding where others have not.

At Illustro Consulting, we have a formula to help you level up. We’ve spent years working with financial planners and small financial planning practices, we understand the challenges that are common to them and foreign to larger brokerages.

When you see that most of the work is already done, it’s so much easier to put the correct pieces into place.


Foundations first.

Everything is connected.
Every action has a result.
Every tool has a purpose.

There is a story of a man whose house was falling apart. The paint was peeling, the plumbing leaked. His house was cold because the fireplace didn’t work, and the doors and windows creaked at night when the wind blew.

In his garden he had a shed. It was immaculate and well stocked. The tools glistened through the window, heavy paint tins lined the floor, but dust lined the shelves.

It’s not that he didn’t want to use them. He simply couldn’t find the key.

At Illustro Consulting, we help you unlock your tools and develop your skills to maximize your business.


Actions that build businesses.

Many small businesses have all the raw materials for phenomenal growth. They have everything they need to be exceptional.

When you’re standing on top of a gold mine, you have to dig into the foundations of where you stand. The gold won’t suddenly appear.

The Illustro Formula helps you create or reinforce your strategy from the foundations up. You have to understand the formative chemistry of your business, your clients and your purpose, before you can recognise your full capability.

When you can understand what holds your business together and keeps it operational, you can begin to maximise that potential.


To be better than average.

Being better doesn’t begin with working harder, it starts with wanting more from life.

And… you can only want more from life when you can appreciate what you already have. The paradox of growth is that it’s not about a constant drive or force, but rather it’s about finding rest in the ideal conditions.

In this space we polish and fine-tune where needed. We can be proactive, rather than reactive, and strategic about our journey forward.


Breakthrough. Shine.

There will always be more work to do. Our goal is not to work less, but to find deeper meaning in the work we do so that we are fulfilled, and those around us are fulfilled.

As air fills the lungs of a freediver, emerging from her underwater retreat, she can prepare for another plunge. Her goal is not to reach the surface, it’s to experience more with each dive.

Breakthrough happens when she surfaces, and when she dives.


hear it from our clients

Mark Bullock is an amazing individual who brings an wealth of knowledge and expertise to any conversation in the financial planning arena. Having worked closely with Mark over a number of years, I found his approach to business to be unique. His wealth of knowledge and expertise is his greatest asset, and this combined with his humility makes every interaction with him immensely valuable. Mark is an asset to South Africa and the Financial Planning profession.

Brian Moodley

Many times in life we find ourselves paralysed and stressed by uncertainty and indecision due to the overwhelming circumstances! I faced a huge challenge last year both personally and from a career point of view, I found myself very stressed to the point where I was battling to cope. Mark sat me down and with with a clear and understanding perspective coached me through a very tough time. He helped me focus on my core strengths and more importantly on how to work on my weakness. Mark is energetic and enthusiastic about helping me!

Bryan Bullock

Grow your business and increase productivity and results that ultimately increase the profit margins of your business. Mark Bullock has the patience to understand your business and the necessary experience, knowledge and coaching skills to take your staff and business to the next level.

Jacques Blignaut

I have worked with Mark since 2004 and have come to know him as someone who takes great pleasure in coaching his staff, business owners as well as his friends. Mark has a passion for coaching individuals to realise their maximum potential. If I were to describe Marks core competency, it would be his innate ability to LISTEN....this enables Mark to provide bespoke solutions in problem solving.

Zeyn Ally


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